5 Reasons Relationships End Badly


Close relationships are important for your mental health because when they work well, they provide you with a sanctuary to retreat from the harsh realities of the world. They’re a place where you’re able to remove your mask and be you. Ideally they’ll offer safety, security, love and acceptance so that you can rest and recharge and prepare yourself to face the world once more.

Unfortunately many people find themselves in relationships that do the exact opposite! They add to their burdens rather than reduce them. So if you don’t feel free to be the ‘real you’ in your close relationships, then it’s time to make change. If you’re tiptoeing around your partner out of fear OR if you’re controlling and dominating your partner in anyway, alarm bells should ring because this isn’t healthy! Only when connections are based on equality, truth and respect will they nurture you in ways you desire and deserve.

So how do you know whether...

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