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Heidi's aim is to put you back in control of your mental and emotional health. She's here to empower you and teach you how trust yourself so you can follow your own unique healing path.


Heidi's Approach - A Proven Methodology

Treat the cause not just the symptoms

Heidi knows that healing is a journey. She has been helping people to treat the root cause of mental health issues for over 20 years and just like physical health, mental health is something that needs to be regularly worked at.

Given this, Heidi does not accept one off bookings. Instead, she works with people over time providing a combination of training, coaching and therapy so you can get results. It is her own unique methodology that has been refined over many years to help you get well. But if you just wanted counselling, she highly recommends Resource Therapy. You can find a therapist here:

  1. Her training is done online via The Emotional Fitness Gym. Any member of The Gym is able to book in and see Heidi for counselling on an as needed basis. Booking details can be found within The Gym.
  2. Heidi's counselling and coaching is done in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia (Box Hill North). Her approach is very different and extremely healing because it easily locates and addresses the root cause of your problem. Heidi knows that healing is something that works best when it's self directed. She does not insist you book in for regular sessions. Instead she teaches you how to tune into, rely upon and trust your own guidance and inner wisdom. This means you only see her for a one on one therapy session when you feel stuck and need help to move through an issue. Some people have one session with her. Some have more. Some have none (as The Gym often gives you what you need as you work through the lessons). Her aim is to put you back in control of your mental and emotional health.

Her work is extremely healing, but it’s not a quick fix! It has taken your whole life to become the person you are today and it's going to take time, patience and a willingness to learn and new way of being in the world for all this to change for the better.

How to work with Heidi

Become a member of The Emotional Fitness Gym and start your journey today:

Still Unsure?

Do the first 5 lessons in The Emotional Fitness Gym for FREE so you can see if Heidi's approach is right for you. NOTE you will need to purchase The Gym product before you can book in for sessions with Heidi:

Love and nurture yourself back to health

Heidi works holistically helping people to improve the relationship they have with their self, others and life in general.

In essence, it's about shedding your ego's mask, facing your shadow (or the things keeping you stuck) so you can become whole and live more authentically and harmoniously.

Heidi helps people with issues that include anxiety, depression, overwhelm, addiction, grief, loss, confusion, low self-esteem, PTSD, OCD, fear, rejection, procrastination, lack of motivation, self-sabotage, parenting issues and relationship issues.

Work with Heidi one on one in this nurturing and peaceful space in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.


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