Lose Size & Energize

Experience greater health, energy and vitailty

Learn how to treat the root cause of your physical problems

Heidi's Di Santo's second book Lose Size & Energize is all about getting healthy (physically)  and doing it in a way that becomes part of your everyday life.

When you focus on becoming really healthy, your lifestyle symptoms sort themselves out, your body naturally starts to shed fat (if it needs to) and you also start to have more energy.

This book was a best seller when it was featured for 12 weeks on Channel 7's Sunrise in 2005 when Heidi ran the shape up for summer segments.

At age 25, Heidi was a highly successful corporate high flyer. There was just one problem. She had burned herself out and was officially diagnosed with glandular fever and chronic fatigue syndrome. Told there was no remedy, Heidi embarked on a personal journey to get well and regain her lost energy. By questioning our modern way of life and finding a more natural way to live, Heidi regained her lost energy and overcame her lifelong struggle with chronic eczema, allergies and asthma.This book will help you to lose size, energize and live the life you deserve. It is broken down into the following four sections and also contains easy to follow recipes in an appendix:

1) Eating for optimal health and energy

2) Living for optimal health and energy (avoiding chemicals and toxins).

3) Moving for optimal health and energy.

4) Putting it into practice - The 12 week challenge!


This book is only available in hard copy

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