I Should Be Happy But I'm Not

Change your life for the better

Learn how to experience greater peace, happiness and success

I Should Be Happy But I'm Not is a life changing book where you'll get the map to feel better on the inside. Heidi Di Santo wrote the book because she found herself in a dark hole emotionally and went searching for ways to help her feel better inside. This book is a result of that search.

This journey took Heidi many years, a lot of emotional pain and a small fortune. But you can bypass all this and short circuit your journey by reading this book.

It offers a common sense approach to tackling mental health - one that teaches you how to become emotionally fit and mentally strong and treat the root cause of whatever is going on.

This book is a recommended read if you want to:

  • Set yourself free from procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Understand the path to heal things like anxiety, depression, overwhelm, addiction, grief, loss, confusion, low self-esteem, fear, rejection
  • Experience greater confidence, energy and motivation
  • Connect more authentically in relationships
  • Deal with the obstacles that get in the way of you experiencing inner peace
  • Make lasting change
  • Create less stress and drama in life
  • Get your thoughts working with you and not against you
  • Learn how to remove your ego's mask and start connecting with the real you


This book is only available in hard copy

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