The Healing Journey Poem

I wrote this poem to describe my own personal healing journey. It is the journey I now take others on through my work:  

Alone yet surrounded by people
Afraid of who I might be
Imprisoned by a mask and scared of the truth
Not wanting the world to see me.

I’d become a puppet for everyone else
In my attempt to get love and affection
But my world grew darker every day
When all I felt was rejection.

Bleak and hopeless my future seemed
As my thoughts spiraled out of control
I believed I was crazy and worthless and wrong
It felt like I’d lost my soul.

A glimmer of light I still could see
So I searched for a hand to help me
I commenced a journey to self-love
On a quest to set myself free.

All this time I’d blamed everyone else
For the problems I had created
In accepting responsibility for my life
Change for the better was initiated.

As my awareness increased I looked within
For the solutions to my issues
I helped my conflicted and wounded parts
And used many boxes of tissues.

I learned that judgments and criticisms are just my way
Of preventing me from looking inside
But everything I react to now
I use as my healing guide.

I learned to feel and not suppress my emotions
They keep me on the right path
By embracing what I’d always feared
I have even learned to laugh.

I got in touch with my inner wisdom
And began to trust the voice within
The guidance was always there
I just had to quieten my mind’s din.

I now approach life with an open heart
Knowing no-one can destroy my soul
I realize we are all broken inside
And are all desperate to become whole.

From doing to being I now go with the flow
And accept the hand life deals me
I realize there is perfection to this world
That is far beyond what I can see.

I’m thankful to myself for reaching out for help
As I’ve found the peace I craved
I’m now living the life I was destined to live
Rather than being sent to an early grave.

I used to think life was a living hell
When I looked through the lens of FEAR
Now I have found heaven on Earth
And LOVE has made life become clear.

By Heidi Di Santo 5th February 2013


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