It's Time to Relax

Meditation and Relaxation Program

It's Time to Relax is a high quality meditation program consisting of two 30 minute guided relaxations to help you slow down, switch off and relax:

  • Side A is a 30 minute progressive muscular relaxation where Heidi talks you through various parts of the body and helps you to let go and release tension.
  • Side B is a 30 minute creative visualization where Heidi takes you on a visual journey to help you to slow down, switch off and relax.

You can use either meditation to help you get back to sleep if you wake up at night.
Bonus 'Make it Happen' Visualization
'Make it Happen' is a powerful 15 minute visualization where Heidi helps you to focus on and visualize your desirable future. It will assist you to get clear on your goals and think about the required action you need to take to achieve them. Use it regularly - particularly when you've lost sight of the bigger picture or when you feel low on motivation.

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