The Path to Peace & Freedom

Video & Audio Training Program

In this training you'll get the map to set yourself free from the mind and emotional bonds that are holding you back in life.

Whatever you believe your problem is, whether it be anxiety, addiction, depression, overwhelm, stress, not coping, relationship issues, self harm or something else, in this training Heidi shares that these things aren't really the problem. They are symptoms of a wider problem, which is a disconnection from yourself.

You'll receive 8 modules with over 90 minutes of content (that you can do at your own pace in the privacy of your own space).

It's a combination of training, interviews and video snippets from Heidi's conference presentations to help you fully understand and embrace the concepts.

This training will help you to see how small tweaks in the right areas can have a huge impact on the quality of your life.

Heidi has spent many years and a small fortune learning this information because she found herself in a dark hole emotionally and went on a personal crusade to discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to feeling better inside.

She's synthesized all this knowledge into this easy to digest training program so you can benefit right now. You don't need to go through the pain and struggle Heidi did to find answers. You can learn what's taken her years to learn today!

You'll specifically learn/get:

  • The proven ‘map’ to create more peace and freedom in your life
  • The 6 areas where people unknowingly give away their power and lose control of their life
  • How to go from being someone who is 'mostly stressed with periods of calm to being someone who is mostly calm with periods of stress'
  • That your problem is not really your problem and what you need to do to identify and address your real problem

You'll also get an understanding of:

  • How to create more loving an authentic relationships
  • How to accept and flow with life so as to create less stress and drama
  • The importance of trusting and surrendering to 'what is'
  • The importance of healing suppressed feelings and clearing the unresolved past
  • How to regain your power
  • How to remove your mask and start living more authentically

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