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Put the information into practice

Knowing something and actually putting the information into practice are two different things. This audio program will help you to apply the information that Heidi shares in her books and online programs to your life. It will help you become emotionally fit and internally strong & set a solid foundation for your life. It's Heidi's deep dive training.

If you're serious about changing your life for the better and are unable to travel to Melbourne to work with Heidi face to face via her Life Transformation Program, this is the next best thing!

In this 8 hour audio program you'll learn to think, feel and ultimately act differently so you can create different (and more desirable) results in your life.

It is delivered online so you can access it whenever you need it at a time that is convenient for you.

This program provides in depth and cutting edge information to harness the power of your inner world and take control of your life. It covers the ‘6 Practices of Emotionally Fit People’ and expands on Heidi's eBook Take Control of Your Life, book I Should Be Happy But I’m Not and introductory training The Path to Peace & Freedom.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, demotivated, stressed or just not happy with life OR if you would like to regain your energy and passion OR if you are addicted to something OR if you're in a pattern of self-sabotage, negative thinking or procrastination, you need this training!

If this sounds like you, you’re in good hands. Heidi has been there too! On the outside she looked like she had it all together. But she wore a mask that hid her truth from the world. Inside she wasn’t coping emotionally with life.  She  wanted to treat the cause of her problems, not just the symptoms. Thankfully she found a way. This training provides a road map for you to do the same. You can become emotionally fit and internally strong and build a solid foundation for your life.

Each lesson is an hour long and covers:

Lesson 1: Introduction The importance of emotional fitness
Lesson 2: Practice 1 Accepting and feeling your emotions
Lesson 3: Practice 2 Loving and accepting all your parts
Lesson 4: Practice 3 Getting help for your traumatised parts
Lesson 5: Practice 4 Surrendering and trusting in the Universe
Lesson 6: Practice 5 Getting your thoughts working with you
Lesson 7: Practice 6 Developing three-dimensional relationships
Lesson 8: Conclusion Pulling it all together and moving forward

Start Living a Better Quality of Life

If you're serious about change, want to find inner peace and are ready to look within, this program is for you. Your investment is $499


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