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Based in Melbourne Australia, Heidi Di Santo is a pioneer in the mental health field and offers a proactive and common sense approach to healing that addresses the root causes, empowers individuals, improves relationships and ultimately leads to greater peace, happiness and success.

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Ongoing Support

The Emotional Fitness Gym is a unique online training platform offering weekly lessons to help you address the root cause of problems, learn the necessary skills to improve your relationships and ultimately turn your life around. It's teaches you how to take control of your healing!

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FREE Training

Turn your struggles into a better life. In this 5 part video training, you'll learn a new approach for healing mentally and emotionally that addresses the root cause of problems, empowers individuals and improves relationships. It also helps you to experience greater peace, happiness and success.

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Therapist Training

Learn the basics of Resource Therapy (RT) with Heidi via her 2 day online foundation course. Heidi has been trained directly by Dr Gordon Emmerson who is the creator of RT. RT is a revolutionary parts based therapy that directly helps the pathological personality part to quickly, powerfully and effectively return to normality.

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I Should Be Happy But I'm Not discusses the 6 practices of emotionally fit people. It gives you the map to feel better on the inside! Heidi found herself in a dark hole emotionally and went on a journey to feel better inside. This journey took Heidi many years, a lot of emotional pain and a small fortune. But you can bypass all this & short circuit your journey by reading this book.

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